‘I know whether England will finally win the World Cup,’ time traveller claims

A self-proclaimed time traveller has left viewers scratching their heads when sharing a clip of the yet-to-happen World Cup final.

The TikToker, who claims to be from the future, said "it's coming home" in a latest post showing "proof" of England winning the Qatar World Cup in a final showdown against Portugal.

Without delving into the details, the video caption wrote: "I'm a time traveller, England just beat Portugal in the World Cup final!!"

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A commentator mentioned "…are the champions of the world" at the beginning of the clip.

It then shows the scores, indicating captain Harry Kane scoring in the first half before Chelsea star Mason Mount clinches the victory in the 84th minute.

A score of 2-0 appeared on the TV screen and it showed joyous Three Lions fans waving the England flag and celebrating inside a stadium.

Football icon Cristiano Ronaldo can be seen walking away in disappointment and Portugal boss Fernando Santos threw his hands in the air.

The scene then cut to show firework display over River Thames, as well as London Eye.

But fans were not too convinced as some mentioned "other time travellers" gave very different predictions on the World Cup final.

"That's funny, some other time traveller said Brazil beat France 2-1 earlier," one said.

A second commented: "I see on yesterday saying England beat Brazil 1-0 in the final. A few time travellers out there aye."

A third referred to another source – the Simpsons animation – and said: "Nope, Simpsons said Portugal vs Mexico I think. Either way I love England but nah, we ain't winning."

Others believed the TikToker had done a great job editing and combining different clips together.

"Love the way it starts '…are the champions of the world', couldn't get England in then I guess," one noted.

Another shared: "Bro used audio from 2018 World Cup final France was the winner. If you focus, you could hear -nce."


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