‘I had spooky encounter weeks after moving into creepy 1920s mansion’

A bloke reckoned his house is haunted by a ghostly dog after hearing mysterious barking – before finally learning the cause.

Ben only moved into his flat in Stockwell, South London, a few weeks ago and is already convinced he has an undead roommate. He now avoids the kitchen of the apartment, located in a former 1920s mansion, after hearing the spooky woofs.

The 25-year-old told The Mirror: "A few weeks after we moved we noticed a scary barking sound, usually at night. Some of our neighbours have dogs but this one sounded like it was literally inside the flat. For a few weeks we were thinking we were being hunted by a real life Hound of the Baskervilles."

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After several weeks, Ben finally learned what was causing the strange noises. The "barking" noise was actually caused by the 110-year-old building's blocked pipes, and after a plumber finally came round to fix the problem, the "scary" sounds have finally come to an end.

But it's not just Ben plagued by strange noises at night. Almost five million households across the UK experience unexplained sounds after dark. More than one in 10 people – 11% – even believe their house is haunted.

Earlier this week the Daily Star revealed what you should do if you think you have a spectral tenant living in your property. Matt Barlow, paranormal investigator and editor of GhostMag.com, said: "While a significant portion would prefer inaction or denial, there's an open-minded minority open to various engagement methods, including hiring experts and spiritual cleansing.

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"While unexplained occurrences can be unsettling, try not to panic, especially if the spirit does not seem malicious. Some spirits have strong connections to a location and remain as benign presences. Many people across the country happily coexist with friendly spirits in their home and although it may be unsettling for some, it can in fact be quite comforting for others."

Barlow added there was one thing you shouldn't do under any circumstances – he stressed that regardless of who you think may be haunting your house, you should leave the Ouija board alone.

"Under no circumstances should you participate in a Ouija Board unless you know what you are doing," he said. "There are countless stories of individuals opening a doorway for spirit by dabbling and whether you believe in the Ouija board or not, it really should not be messed with."

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