‘Human face’ on a fish floating in lake is really creeping people out

A fish with a "human face" has been spotted in a lake, and it's really creeping people out.

After a dog named Nori went viral for having a face that looked more human than canine, it seems there's a taste for odd-looking animals. Another strange creature has shocked internet users, but this one lives in water, not on land.

A peculiar fish was seen in a Chinese lake, with unusual markings on its face that made it look quite human-like. A visitor to a village near Kunming in southern China filmed the eerie carp.

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The video was shared on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, back in 2019, showing the fish swimming to the edge of the lake and poking its head above the water. The fish's head had dark spots that looked like eyes, two vertical lines resembling the sides of a nose, and a horizontal line where a mouth would be. In the clip, a woman can be heard saying: "The fish has turned into a fairy."

People were understandably spooked by the sight. One person commented: "This is scary." Another asked: "Who dares to eat it?". The video was later shared on Twitter/X by a user called @Unexplained, where it continued to creep people out. "Holy s***," exclaimed one user. Another commented: "I am so freaked out right now."

Some even compared the fish to Voldemort, an alien and the animated fish from the 2004 film Shark Tale.

This isn't the first time a carp with human-like features has been spotted. In 2010, a bloke from Dagenham, Essex, claimed that a carp he had bought five months earlier started to develop a face like a human's.

Brendan O'Sullivan said: "It was astonishing. I could easily make out from the markings two eyes, a nose and a mouth. I thought I was suffering from sunstroke." The fish was believed to be worth a whopping £40,000.

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