How much will the new iPhone 15 cost in Australia?

iPhone 15 pro max to cost $3,195 in Australia – more expensive than a MacBook

  • iPhone 15 line-up to be unveiled in September
  • Top tier version will have two terabytes of storage
  • Tipped to cost A$1,000-plus more than latest iPhone 14 versions 
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Apple’s new iPhone 15 models are tipped to be the tech giant’s priciest yet and set Aussies back at least $3,000 for the top end smartphone version which will be the first ever to have two terabytes of storage.

Industry insiders report that the highly anticipated iPhone 15 Max 2TB could start from A$3,195.

That’s more than 33 per cent above the A$1,999 entry point for a 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop.

The iPhone 15 1TB model could cost as much as $2,969 while a basic 128GB version of the latest model will set back tech lovers $2,099.

By comparison, the latest models currently available in Australia, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max 1TB start from A$1,749 and $1,899 respectively.

The basic iPhone 14 starts from A$1,399 while iPhone 14 Plus is from $1,579, according to Apple’s website.

Apple has been tight-lipped about the iPhone 15 models set to be unveiled in the US on September 12 but have hailed the latest versions as ‘the best iPhone ever’.

A well-known tech leaker unveiled updated versions of the visuals used for iPhone 15 Pro on Wednesday

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB (pictured in Apple’s New York store after the September 2022 launch) starts from A$1,899

The Australian release date for iPhone15 models are expected on or after September 22, men’s lifestyle publication Boss Hunting recently reported.

An Apple Australia spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia that the company had no new details to share as no announcements have yet been made.

The rumoured versions set to be released are the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The top-end iPhone 15 Max 2TB will be the first phone ever to have two terabytes of storage.

One terabyte equals 1,024 gigabytes, which can hold 555,555 JPEG images. 

The iPhone 15 Pro Max will also likely be available in the standard 256GB, 512GB and 1TB but are unlikely to be shipped before October due to supply chain issues.

The top tier iPhone models are also rumoured to feature a titanium finish, an upgraded camera and a powerful new chip. 

Titanium handles higher temperatures better than steel and offers similar protection against water damage.

The basic 128GB version of Apple’s iPhone 15 is tipped to set back tech lovers $2,099, $600 more than iPhone 14 basic version (pictured)

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It’s rumoured the iPhone 15 Pro models will also feature USB-C instead of lightning, new periscope camera technology with improved zoom quality, USB-C port and an A17 chip.

Regardless of what iPhone 15 model you choose, all will see improved battery capacity.

The basic iPhone 15 reportedly has a 3,877 mAh battery, the iPhone 15 Plus has 4,912 mAh, the iPhone 15 Pro goes with 3,650 mAh while iPhone 15 Pro Max has 4,852 mAh.

The current iPhone 14 Pro Max version has a 4,323 mAh capacity.

As various rumours continue to run rampant about colours, the latest Pro models will be available in a unique dark blue colour that has a grey tone, according to renowned tech leaker Unknownz21.

It comes after Unknownz21 took to X (formerly known as Twitter) on Wednesday to unveil the updated version of the visuals used for iPhone 15 Pro blue colour in a collaboration with MacRumours.

The Australian release date for iPhone15 models are expected on or after September 22. Pictured are customers outside Apple’s Sydney store

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