‘Horror’ house leaves Instagram users wondering if it comes with serial killer

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A house of horrors with a masked creep hiding in each room has left an Instagram user asking if it comes with a personal serial killer.

The prankster, dressed as Michael Myers from the Halloween series of slasher films, can be seen lurking in several estate agent pictures of a dated home.

Dozens of comments however pointed out that the terrifying figure was no where near as scary as the carpeted bathroom.

The home in Carlinville, Illinois has been listed for just £135,000 but followers of popular social media page Zillow Gone Wild wasted no time in pointing out why.

The site's caption for the series of snaps reads: "Good luck living here lol. $169,000."

A strange looking man can be seen behind a net curtain, at the top of a flight of stairs, gazing into a bathroom mirror and poking his head out of a small cupboard.

The cunning tactic to get the house more online traction has definitely worked.

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Someone joked: "Do they charge less or more if it comes WITH your own personal serial killer?"

Another conceded they also would not mind sharing the home with a fella wielding a mighty blade while in fancy dress.

They wrote: "So long as he cooks and cleans, we will have no problems."

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"Seems like a nice roommate," someone else commented.

For all the bizarre poses which also include Mr Myers standing in the shower and cross legged on the floor of a bedroom, people were still drawn to a particular feature of the house.

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A beige carpet in a bathroom capped off with a shag pile style rug on the toilet seat.

The weirdo's reflection in the mirror was clearly not enough to avert all eyes from his surroundings.

"Not even Michael Myers can distract me from that carpet in the bathroom," a horrified follower said.

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A second wrote: "That bathroom is the true horror."

"The scariest thing about this house is the carpet in the bathroom," a third laughed.

Someone else on the same wavelength joked: "Don't fall for it. He's trying to distract you from the carpeted bathroom."

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