Here are all the states offering cash prizes as an incentive to get the COVID-19 vaccine

  • Ohio, New York, and Maryland residents will get a shot at cash prizes for getting the COVID-19 shot.
  • They are among other US states trying to get more people vaccinated against the deadly virus.
  • Prizes range from a daily $40,000 prize in Maryland to a $5 million jackpot in New York.
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Ohio is offering a $1 million jackpot to five vaccinated adults.

The cash prize will come from the state’s share of pandemic relief funds.

Residents younger than 18 years old are not eligible for the cash prize, but instead will entered into a lottery for a four-year full scholarship — tuition and accommodation included — to any state college or university.

The state administered a record number of vaccines in the first two days after announcing the $1 million vaccine lottery.

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New York will launch a $5 million "Vax & Scratch" lottery program to incentivize people to get vaccinated.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the state will give people $20 scratch-off lottery tickets for a chance at a $5 million Mega Multiplier Lottery if they receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The program, announced Thursday, will run from May 24 to May 28 at 10 mass vaccination sites run by the state.

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Maryland announced the state will offer $2 million in lottery cash prizes to encourage residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said residents over the age of 18 who sign up to receive the COVID-19 vaccine will be entered into the lottery.

“All you have to do to enter is get your shot,” Hogan said Thursday.

The cash prizes will be dispersed in daily $40,000 drawings between May 25 to July 3, ending with a $400,000 jackpot, which will be drawn on July 4.

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Kentucky residents will get a shot at a $225,000 prize by getting a COVID-19 shot.

The Kentucky Lottery is giving a free Cash Ball 225 ticket — which usually costs $1 per ticket — to COVID-19 vaccine recipients ages 18 and older.

Lottery officials will give 225,000 free tickets out to vaccinated residents in the state.

“I hope this shot at $225,000 will be the incentive needed for more Kentuckians to get a vaccine,” Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said. “Helping keep our Kentucky communities safe and a free chance at winning hundreds of thousands of dollars is a win-win for everyone involved. “

The program runs until Friday, May 21, or until tickets run out.

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