Helicopter sent to ‘rub out’ huge 150-foot phallus drawing in snow at ski resort

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    A high-altitude prankster carved a very rude artwork into the snow at the top of Tea Cup Bowl at Alyeska Resort, Alaska. So rude, in fact, that a rescue helicopter was dispatched to “rub it out”.

    But photographer Sam Kikuchi managed to get a snap of the offensive “snow angel” before it was erased.

    “The artwork was probably 150 feet long,” he told the Daily Star, adding that there is currently “no word” on who might have created it.

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    Despite the dizzying altitude involved, Sam didn’t use a drone to get the perfect angle for his shot, capturing the image the old-fashioned way.

    “I shot these photos from the top of Alyeska Resort with a camera,” Sam told us. “We can’t fly drones if the helicopter is in the area."

    A a group of skiers reportedly hiked up to the scenic spot under the cover of night in order to create the phallic monument, using the full moon to light their way.

    Ironically, the manager at the Alyeska resort drew more attention to the snowy penis by reportedly ordering it to be erased.

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    Left to decay naturally, it would have almost certainly been covered over by a band of snow expected on Sunday (March 5), without making any headlines.

    Mount Alyeska is a fairly challenging mountain, with a much higher percentage of advanced and expert runs than most other slopes – so there was little chance of any very young ski-ers catching sight of the ribald creation.

    If you’re not an expert ski-er, or can’t afford a flight to Alaska rest assured you can see similar artwork scrawled on bus shelters throughout the length and breadth of these Great British Isles.


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