Have you ever had a near-death experience?

Near-death experiences across the world often feature the same thing – and that's the idea of 'seeing the light'.

This phenomenon has been widely reported across all ages, cultures, religions and nationalities.

World-leading expert on near-death experiences (NDEs) Dr Bruce Greyson says: "People talk about being thrust down a tunnel at breakneck speed toward a brilliant light.

"(It feels like) a living entity radiating tremendous love, acceptance, and warmth', he told health website mindbodygreen.

"They feel enveloped by it; it permeates their being, and they don't know what to call it," he notes.

"So they simply describe it as the light".

While the idea of 'hurtling down a tunnel' may seem frightening, Greyson says once the subject was able to let go of their desire to control what was happening, 'it all became rather blissful'.

Interestingly, the doctor notes that NDEs typically come back less afraid of death.

"People consistently from all over the world say that the near-death experience leads you to a place that is not something to be feared".

Have YOU ever had a near-death experience? We'd love to hear your stories, let us know in the comments.

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