Gym lad crushed to death benching 100kg barbell that sent his body into spasm

A gym lad lifting a metal barbell loaded with over 100kg of weight has been killed after it fell and crushed his neck.

The 27-year-old man from China died after his neck was crushed between the shaft of the weights and the training bench he was working on. The horrifying accident was captured on video.

At a gym in China’s Henan province, a 29-second clip showed the man struggling to bench press the excessive weight. He did not have a spotter.

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Local media sites have shared the harrowing clip. It shows the 27-year-old barely able to lift the barbell over his chest before trying to rack it on the J-hook.

It was then his arms gave out, and the bar, with 50kg on each side rolled from his chest onto his neck. Pinning his head to the bench he was laying on.

He desperately tries to free himself for approximately 25 seconds before his body goes limp. At one point in the footage, he can be seen having violent spasms.

According to the Yangtze Evening Post’s Ziniu News the incident took place in Henan on July 3 and the victim has been identified as Xiao Hou. With friends and family allegedly confirming the tragedy.

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Quoting the man in charge of the gym, identified as Zhao, the news portal reported that Xiao Hou had been a fitness instructor at the gym. Zhao said Xiao Hou was obsessed with exercising. Prioritising it over other areas of his life including his love life.

It's understood he had worked as a personal trainer at the gym for approximately four years before moving on to another job. But he continued to attend the facility daily.

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Zhao added that Xiao Hou kept a key that let him enter the gym before it opened and would exercise alone. He found the 27-year-old pinned by the barbell after opening the gym. Xiao Hou was rushed to a hospital but did not survive.

It comes after a veteran weightlifter was killed when the metal bar he was lifting fell on his neck and suffocated him to death, an inquest heard. The 61-year-old from Rhos-on-Sea, Wales was found trapped under a 60kg barbell at his home.

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He was training alone in his bedroom before becoming trapped underneath the 9st 6lb weight in a freak accident on September 9. His lifeless body was found by neighbour Gill Embleton after she went to check on him in his flat in the seaside town.

Pathologist Dr Zain Mehdi gave a provisional cause of death as asphyxia secondary to compression of the neck by a bar.

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