Guests can’t last 3 minutes in haunted hotel where ghost hunts sign disclaimers

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    A haunted hotel that is home to one hell of a creepy doll insists that ghost hunters must sign a disclaimer before they can enter.

    Male visitors to Ye Olde Kings Head on Lower Bridge Street in Chester, Cheshire have claimed to have struggled to sleep in the same room as a glass encased 'Grace doll'.

    According to paranormal investigator Danny Moss, the Grace doll was brought in by the hotel last month as the UK's most haunted artefact and a special camera has been set up to monitor it 24/7.

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    Danny Moss who is one of the team behind My Haunted Hotel, told CheshireLive: "Since it arrived in January we've already had people really struggling to stay in room eight. It seems to really affect men rather than women.

    "We've had men go in there and they can't look at it. They feel anxious and have to get out, struggling to last even three minutes.

    "People are hearing the sound of three knocks which is meant to signify the mocking of the Holy Trinity. Some people have also experienced their eyes burning.

    "That happened to me a few years ago when we kept it at Tatton Old Hall. I heard an entity say 'burn' and I said 'what?' and my eyes felt like someone was chopping onions.

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    "It was scary and lasted for around 30 to 45 seconds. My job as a paranormal investigator is to debunk reports of paranormal activity but this was a bizarre moment.

    "We've got video footage showing people really scared to go into that room and others with noises coming from it. There are a set of rules outside room eight, including people having to call out an audio disclaimer before they're even allowed in.

    "Room eight is only open to experienced people. For people who've not done this before it could be dangerous."

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    Hotel owner Harry Achilleos, who runs My Haunted Hotel alongside Danny and Brett Jones, added: "Having the Grace doll in the building just takes My Haunted Hotel to a whole new level."

    Ye Olde Kings Head has a number of other creepy artefacts in the bar and in the hotel rooms upstairs. A doll called Willow is on display in a glass case in the bar, with Danny telling CheshireLive that some customers had reported seeing the doll move.

    Brave souls can book to stay overnight at the hotel, with their adventures investigating paranormal activity filmed and turned into a weekly My Haunted Hotel show which is uploaded to YouTube every Sunday evening.


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