‘Grim Reaper’ appears watching over randy couple romping on public beach

A bloke dressed as the Grim Reaper watched a randy couple having sex on one of the world's most iconic beaches – and the entire bizarre moment was caught on camera.

The strange occurrence happened on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Viral video shows a man wrapped in black looking like Death walking up to a couple getting it on on the public beach.

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He then stands over them, watching creepily while the pair seem extremely unfazed by it – although they did get up a few seconds later after realising that continuing probably wasn't the best idea.

Having seemingly had his fill of the free adult show, the bloke just walks off as if nothing happened.

The video is accompanied by a baffled man narrating as a couple engages in various sex acts on a seemingly deserted section of the beach early in the morning.

The man cloaked in a blanket, who was reportedly a local homeless man, suddenly walks into view and plonks himself down on the sand next to the couple.

As he lies on his side watching them, the man filming can be heard saying "the madman's stopped beside them" and cackling in disbelief.

The man and woman try to carry on but quickly decide they cannot continue with an audience and get up and walk away.

It is not clear when the video was shot, although the man filming could be heard at one point mentioning "New Year".

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Local police officials confirmed that no official complaint had been received, but Rio de Janeiro state deputy Leticia Moreira Arsenio, 28, commented online: "It looked like Death approaching. What a terrifying thing.”

To most, the beach is know for the song “The Girl from Ipanema” that was released in 1962.

It became an international hit, and it helped put Ipanema beach on the map.

However, it might find itself being renamed “Death beach” after the odd sighting.

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