Grieving mourners speechless after ‘Queen’ flash mob conga at funeral service

Mourners at a woman's funeral were shocked and disgusted after a flash-mob crashed the sombre event.

The 10 women barged in and started dancing to Queen's Another One Bites The Dust at the funeral of 65-year-old Sandie Wood, who died from tongue cancer.

Ms Wood is actually a victim of the infamous infected blood scandal from the 1980s.

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However, it quickly emerged that the mob of dancers was actually organised by the late-Sandie herself.

Before her death on September 19, 2022, she hired a local dance troupe called The Flaming Feathers so that they could perform at her funeral.

Footage of her funeral shows how, amidst crying family members, the group stood up as music began playing loudly, before removing large jackets hiding their uniforms and dancing at the front of the audience.

While initially the crowd seemed shocked at the event, with one man “refusing to look” at the performance, dance troupe manager and performer Claire Phipps, 36, says that the crowd were soon joining in.

She said: “It was definitely not your normal gig.

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“It was very odd to first pretend to be there for the funeral, and then to see family and friends crying and upset, to then have to get up and rock out to Queen felt very weird – but it did go really well, and it's what she wanted.

“If you know her, she was a bit of a rebel, so it fit her personality.

"Her best friend Sam booked us, but this was about six months before she passed – so Sandie basically planned her own funeral.

"That was not the only surprise too; we first flash mobbed the room, but then when we left the crematorium she also requested that we did a conga to exit the building.”

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Sandie's close friend Sam Ryalls, 43, arranged all the surprises at Sandie's request for her funeral on November 4 last year.

The Bristol-native described her friend as “loud” but rebellious woman.

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