Gran, 99, who almost became a nun welcomes 100th great-grandchild

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Marguerite Koller, 99, has welcomed her 100th great-grandchild after almost becoming a nun in her youth.

Koller, a mother of 11 and grandmother of 56, turns 100 in just two months and was gifted an early birthday present in the form of her 100th great-grandchild.

The 99-year-old hails from Pennsylvania, US and the latest addition to the family was named Koller, in honour of Marguerite, The Daily Mirror reports.

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Marguerite was dead set on becoming a nun and become very close to achieving that goal before she put it aside to marry her husband William Koller, in 1942.

Koller grew up to have a notoriously massive family and she's proud of it.

Speaking to NBC 10 Philadelphia, she said: “I’m just thinking how lucky I am."

Koller is now a widow and said her upbringing as an only child was lonely and it made her want to have a big family in later life, a dream she went on to exceedingly surpass.

“I wanted to have a big family,” she said. “I think it’s difficult being an only child – it’s lonely.

“I figured I wanted 12 but after I started to have them, I wasn’t sure I wanted that many.”

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As the matriarch of the family, Marguerite is obviously much-loved as Christine Balster, baby Koller's mum and Marguerite's grandaughter, confirmed.

Christine called her a “lovely, sweet, strong lady that has created this amazing legacy spanning four generations.”

She also revealed that it was natural to call her baby Koller.

Christine said: "My husband liked the name Kole. It felt very natural to name him Koller, and William as the middle name.

"And then we can always call him Kole if we like."


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