Google Maps users in hysterics over suggestive name for ‘glorious’ WW2 memorial

Reddit users were left in hysterics after discovering a suggestively named war memorial on Google Maps.

The user, known as u/roy4pris, labelled their find on the subreddit r/GoogleMaps as 'humour' as they quipped: "Ah yes, the ahem, Mound of Glory."

Other users quickly joined in with the sarcasm in what is believed to be a mockery of the use of the word 'glory' that is sometimes used in a sexual context in phrases like 'morning glory' or 'glory hole.'

One user said: "Actually a lot more glorious than I anticipated."

A second wrote: "I'll be honest, that's a pretty glorious mound."

The Mound of Glory was established in Minsk, in modern day Belarus, back in 1969 on the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus during Operation Bagration during the Second World War.

Last year, an independence day ceremony was held at the site.

But this isn't the first location to receive sarcastic comments for its name as another Reddit user found Mount Clitoris on the app.

Users shared their delight on Twitter after finding Mount Clitoris in the Philippines, as it shares its name with the part of a woman's anatomy that is responsible for the female orgasm.

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Hilariously replying to a viral tweet that said: "I don't argue with people who can't locate the clitoris," while one person replied saying: "I found it on Google Maps."

Another user said: "Guide: If you just look over this way, you’ll find Mount Clitoris! Men: Where?"

Others poked fun at the site saying they "still couldn't find it" and that it "'Tis a fabled myth. A fool's errand. It doesn't exist."

One hysterical review left on Google Maps said: "Very good to explore, plenty of fun. definitely recommend."

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