Google Maps users ‘creeped out’ by people walking around in bright hazmat suits

A Google Maps user was left creeped out after finding a group of men dressed in brightly coloured hazmat suits walking around a Russian city.

The Reddit user EHBrowne discovered the suspicious-looking men in yellow, green and pink suits as they walked down a snowy alleyway on the streets of Norilsk, a city located above the Arctic Circle.

Searching for help, Browne wrote: "Whilst messing around on google maps I was surprised that there was street imagery in the closed city of Norilsk in Russia.

"I was even more intrigued when I looked at the street view and there seemed to be four or five people masked and in colourful suits walking around the city with the google camera.

"Wondering if anyone had any thoughts as to what this might be?"

Fans of odd discoveries on the Street View feature had theories about what the sight could be – including linking it to the popular Netflix show, Squid Game.

One user wrote: "Wow thanks, fascinating stuff especially since the city is practically closed to everyone."

Another added: "New season of Squid Game? xD Very cool find!"

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Another sighting containing mysterious people in hazmat suits were also believed to be from the hit show after @googlemapsfun on TikTok into discovering the two guards at odds with each other.

Fans of the popular TikTok account with over 6 million followers flocked to the comments to claim that it was evidence that Squid Game is 'real.'

However, a third pointed out that the original poster of the images on Google was from an artist.

They said: " the author of the pics, Anna Tolkacheva, some artist, so I guess this was "art"? IDK what some people call art…"

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