Google Maps users baffled by buildings that ‘look like secret nuclear test site’

Google Maps users have been left baffled by some mysterious buildings that look like a secret "nuclear test site".

The complex, which is located in northern Nevada, US, appears to be a collection of small compounds arranged into a symmetrical pattern.

Aerial snaps of the bizarre find were posted on Reddit page r/GoogleMaps, where internet sleuths have been trying to work out what it is.

Most people seemed to agree that it must definitely be "military" given that Nevada is known to be home to several US military sites.

One Reddit user wrote: "It's Nevada, so first guess is military.

"Nevada is littered with various ranges for testing weapons. My guess is this is a radar test range for aerial or satellite-based radar."

A second person said: "I thought this was a radar target at first, but it could be an urban warfare training site.

"There is more vehicle tracts than I would expect if it was just a radar target when you look at historical images.

"I would put money on either of those two possibilities."

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Another person pointed out that the buildings seem to be arranged like the Arecibo message, a pattern transmitted into space in 1974 carrying information about humanity in the hope of finding alien life.

Others said it reminded them of Pacman, while some thought it could be a paintballing centre.

Luckily, another Reddit user was on hand to solve the mystery.

The site is actually the Fallon Range Training Complex (FRTC), a US Navy complex consisting of four training ranges and an integrated defence system.

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It's located deep in the Nevada desert some 65 miles east of Reno.

There are 6.5million acres of land that fall under the FRTC's airspace, only 234,123 of which are actually administered by the Navy.

According to the US military's website, the aim of the FRTC is to: "Support Navy and Marine Corps tactical training by providing the most realistic strike and integrated air warfare training available, maintaining and operating facilities, and providing services and equipment to support the US Pacific Fleet, US Atlantic Fleet, US Marine Corps Forces Pacific, US Marine Corps Forces Atlantic, and other operating forces."

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