Google Maps user spots ‘possible UFO’ over rocks in satellite view of Antarctica

A Google Maps user is seeking help to identify a possible UFO they believe to have seen in Antarctica.

The Reddit user @Leesoy posted a screenshot of the satellite view of the ice continent after spotting the mysterious object.

The image shows a white cylindrical object on a brown background which appear to be rocks located at 74.0322S, 22.4506W, which is along the edge of the snowy land.

The user asked: "Ufo or rock? Antarctica google earth."

While it is likely just rocks, the sighting has come after a UFO enthusiast has found what he believes is a secret base in Antarctica made by ancient aliens on Google Earth.

The mysterious south pole site, which can be seen in satellite photos to be formed of several large ridges in the snow, appears to have been there for many decades.

Large excavations look to have been carried out at the location, with vehicles and a number of tracks in the snow leading towards it also visible.

Some development has occurred between the images from 1985 and 2013, with an aircraft landing strip apparently added next to the curious mounds.

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Scott C Waring from Taiwan, who uploaded footage of his surprise discovery to the UFO Sightings Daily YouTube channel this week, said he believed the sighting was proof of a deep underground ancient alien structure that has since been studied and hidden from the public.

This week reports also emerged that conspiracy theorists believe Nazis found UFOs in Antarctica during World War II and reverse-engineered it to take them to Mars for the creation of super soldiers.

For now, Leesoy's question went unanswered – Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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