Google Maps user spots explicit message written in middle of desert

A Google Maps user spotted an explicit sign addressing the tech giant in the middle of the desert.

Spelt out in large letters, someone had written: 'F*** Google."

It was visible on Google's cameras and led many to speculate about how it had gotten there and what will happen to it after the discovery.

Some Reddit users said they were "afraid" to like or comment on the post in case it alerted the company.

Others wondered whether the message will be discovered in thousands of years and what people will think of it.

One said: "Due to this geoglyph's location in that particular desert if someone doesn't erase it, it's probably going to last several thousand years at least."

Another countered: "Not entirely true. If it made it to the hard compacted dirt then it will but if it’s just on the surface of the sand then it’s gonna be blown away by the wind. I live in the desert."

One more joked: "I'm afraid to upvote this post and have it pop up on Google's radar."

"In a couple of thousand years people are going to find this and not know what to think," another suggested.

It is not the first time a rude message has popped up on Google Maps.

Last month a Reddit user saw that someone had written "f*** you" on the roof of a house after "a request to blur the home was denied".

The property is blurred when on street view, although it is not blurred on satellite, leading people to speculate the message may be a response to a request to have it obscured from above on the platform

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