Google Maps frenzy as Reddit users spot ‘giant pyramid’ being built in China

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Google Maps users went into a frenzy after one of them spotted a "giant pyramid" being built in China.

An image of the pyramid-shaped construction project was uploaded to Reddit, leading to a slew of comments from internet users trying to work out what the building is.

The original poster put the picture online with the heading: "Why has no one talked about the giant pyramid China is building (or completed depending on photo date)?"

One commented that the pyramid could be a "modern mausoleum".

Another person suggested that the structure could be a "shopping mall or tourist attraction".

They added: "It's closeish to residential areas so I guess whoever built it got the land cheap (since it's close to farms) but is probably banking on visitors since it's right off the highway and the land around it might get developed."

Another joked it looked like a CD player while another Reddit user put it down to the claim that "China is strange".

"High security repository for consored memes," joked someone else.

Google Maps users are often making weird and wonderful discoveries on the site.

Recently one noticed two "abandoned" Boeing 747 jets in Malaysia.

The discovery sparked a mystery over what the hulking machines were doing there, with people on Reddit coming up with theories to explain the presence of the planes – some more serious than others.

Meanwhile, others were baffled by finding a giant inflatable baby on someone's front lawn.

The curious image was captured in Riemst, Belgium.

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