Google Maps fans get ‘Rick-rolled’ after spotting island with peculiar name

Google Maps fans have been 'rick-rolled' by an island with a meme-related name.

Reddit user u/Leo221113 took to the subreddit r/googlemapsshennanigans sharing an image of "The Republic of Rick-Roll Land."

The image, which has received 122 upvotes, is believed to have been created as a meme years ago when the Rick Astley gags were at their height.

But last week, a YouTuber named Dallas, known as TheTekkitRealm, claims he bought an island to give it the name.

The social media streamer uploaded a video titled, " I Actually Invented a Country.. and called it Rick Roll Land" which left his 1.61million subscribers in hysterics.

In the video, the YouTuber said: " My name is Dallas, aka Inferness. And welcome back to the Tech of Realm.

"I actually bought an island and legally made it a country, and then I named it Rick Roll Land."

He went on to add: "This is the whole island that I just bought, and we're about to turn it into Rick Roll Land. This could be a nice place to plant Rick Astley forever. And we got like a nice, luxurious Cove over here as well.

"The most deserted area of land, probably in hundreds of square miles. So this is what $3,000 will buy you in terms of private Islands. It's very small, but overall, I think it was worth it."

Naturally, his fanbase had many jokes to make about it in the comment section as one user said: " I wanted to buy it from him, but he said he was never gonna give it up…."

Another quipped: "Dallas’s efforts to rickroll people just keep getting more and more extreme."

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A third added: "If Rick Roll Land is a thing, then "Never Gonna Give You Up" should be its official national anthem."

A fourth wrote: "I hope that eventually in the future, Rick Roll Land will become one of the world's major superpowers and be in the Olympics."

A fifth added: "Gotta feel bad for the poor random dude who's gonna get rickrolled through sheer bad luck after finding a flag on the beach with Rick Astley's face on it, once a storm goes over the area."

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