Google Earth fan discovers penis-shaped island in middle of Pacific Ocean

An eagle-eyed mum-of-three got the shock of her life when she found a penis-shaped island on Google Earth.

Joleen Vultaggio discovered the phallic-shaped landmass in the middle the Pacific Ocean while trawling the online world map.

The 50-year-old, from Detroit, Michigan in the US, shared its location with a Facebook group for fans of the website as proof of its existence.

The uniquely-shaped island stretches more than 500m and is part of the Trinity Islands off the coast of New Caledonia, Oceania.

She said: "I was looking around and it just popped up and I thought 'wow, that really looks like a man's parts.'

"I had to drop the pin on the map right away, so people know I didn't just stick that image through Photoshop or create it myself.

"I shared it so people could pull up the coordinates and see it with their own eyes that it's physically there and it really does look like one.

"I didn't go and measure how big it is, but considering it's in the middle of the ocean it's pretty big."

Joleen added: "It's interesting to see what the world has on it.

"My kids think I'm nuts sometimes when I show them things, so I haven't shown them this.

"They'd probably laugh though and give me an eye roll."

It is not the first time Google Earth has uncovered an embarrassing image.

Earlier this month, the internet giant's satellite cameras uncovered a message saying "F U Google" written across a large field just outside Pittsburgh, US.

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A video was shared to TikTok by French account @lafacecacheedelaterre on January 22, beginning with the footage zooming in on a location in Pennsylvania.

The motive behind the angry message remains unclear, but the video has already attracted hundreds of comments since it was shared in January.

"That is one hilarious tribute to Google," one viewer wrote.

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