Goliath ‘Bigfoot footprint’ discovered that ‘must have been left by 20ft beast’

A goliath footprint has been discovered that some reckon was left by Bigfoot.

An image of the monster footprint pressed into sand was shared on the Bigfoot Believers Facebook group by Jill Burke.

In the comments section she explained she found it roughly three miles off a trail at Joshua Tree National Park in southern California, US.

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The caption read: "Found this print this morning (Monday, May 29)." Her post has more than 1,400 reactions.

Jill placed her foot alongside the supposed Bigfoot footprint in the image to give some sense of perspective. Her shoe was absolutely dwarfed by the track, which appeared more than two times larger.

She commented to explain she wears a size eight shoe. That converts to a women's size six in the UK measuring 24.5cm or 9.6in – meaning the footprint is over 49cm (19.3in) in length.

Several Facebook users reckoned Jill had stumbled across the real thing, and that it must have been a much larger-than-average Bigfoot (whatever that is).

One comment read: "That thing must be 20 feet tall!"

Another person said: Holy s***! Thats a huge bigfoot! He probably least 600lbs."

A third said: "I 100% believe you!"

In subsequent comments, Jill claimed similar footprints could be found "all over here at Joshua Tree National Park". She said she pictured the largest one she found.

Jill also said she reckons "there's a few [Bigfoot] families" in the area. She claimed the team from TV show Expedition Bigfoot had agreed to visit the park and investigate.

However, not everyone was convinced by the footprint.

One comment read: "Why is there only one print. Don't they have 2 f****** legs. Why no other prints."

Another person said: "It’s amazing how something that big only leaves one print!"

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