Four hostile alien civilisations in Milky Way could attack Earth, claims boffin

Four hostile alien civilisations lurking in the Milky Way could attack Earth, a cosmic boffin has claimed.

Space researcher Alberto Caballero (corr) has published a study calculating the chances of evil extra-terrestrials targeting the planet.

While he said the probability of an attack is small –about the same as the Earth being destroyed by an asteroid strike – he has warned the chances are boosted by sending out messages trying to make contact with ETs.

Alberto, a PhD student at the University of Vigo in Spain, penned a study in the International Journal of Astrobiology claiming to have pinpointed the source of the so-called 'WoW! Signal’.

He said the signal – first detected by a radio telescope in 1977 – was a minute-long burst of radio energy that may have originated from a Sun-like star 1,800 light-years from the Earth.

It is considered the best potential indicator of alien life since humans began searching more than 60 years ago.

“I did the paper based only on life as we know it,’’ Albert said. “An extra-terrestrial civilisation may have a brain with a different chemical composition and they might not have our empathy or they might have more psychopathological behaviours.’’

He warned scientists to use caution in deploying METI – aka messaging extra-terrestrial intelligence’ – for fear it could provoke an ET invasion.

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To compile his study Alberto researched human invasions’ of other countries over the last 50 years.

He applied that data to the number of known exoplanets’ in our galaxy which Italian scientist Claudio Maccone estimated to be around 15,785.

Applying the frequency of human conflict to outer space, Alberto estimates there could be four `malicious’ alien civilisations.

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