Foul two-bedroom flat with rotted floors and dirty counters hits market for £10k

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    The UK's housing market is an utter mess – mainly thanks to the combined impact of Russia, Liz Truss and the pandemic.

    While houses are selling for whopping prices, well above their true value, people are being left with very little to purchase in return.

    But there's one house – valued at just £10,000 – that even the most desperate of buyers probably wouldn't touch.

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    The two-bedroom flat based in Paisley, Scotland, has been rather generously labelled as a “great refurbishment project” but the state of the flat leaves a lot to be desired.

    Despite having a huge living room area, a separate bathroom, a small but functioning kitchen and two oddly large bathrooms, the place is somewhere you would not want to buy without fumigating first.

    Images of the home show how whomever lived their prior left it in a truly disgusting state.

    From empty drinks cans to crisp packets and half empty foot containers left rotting on tables and floors, the living room is a mess.

    The kitchen is full of grime, mould and random packets of butter left lying around – you wouldn't let your worst enemy eat from there, especially as the floor is unbelievably disgusting, too.

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    But remember, dear Daily Star reader, it is valued at just £10,000.

    The hallway is filled with old post and a box of Stella Artois – sadly, it appears to be empty.

    The living room is another filthy mess, however there is a pile of bags with stuff in it, which makes you think that someone did attempt to clean it at some point.

    The place does actually have the potential to be a nice home for a first-time buying couple, but it really would need absolutely ripping out and starting again, which makes the £10,000 asking price a bit misleading in the grand scheme of things.

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    The outside is actually pretty decent, with old huge stone bricks in-keeping with the areas charm.

    And Mandi Cooper, managing director of Auction House Scotland had some lovely things to say about it.

    She said: “Close to various amenities, transport links and Paisley town centre, this flat would be perfect for a developer or first-time buyer looking to get stuck into a renovation project and offers a fantastic opportunity to add value.

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    “Equally, buy-to-let investors could be attracted by the strong potential rental yield of the property upon completion of its refurbishment.”

    The cesspit flat will be available for opening viewings on Tuesday (October 25) from 3pm for two hours, and goes to auction next month (November 3).

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