Forklift truck driver says he’s been chosen to introduce aliens to mankind

A forklift truck driver from Bolton says aliens have chosen him as a point of contact for the human race.

Michael Alans, 45, says he has been experiencing abnormal interactions with extra-terrestrial being since he was a toddler – and is convinced he has been abducted multiple times.

Michael, who is married with two children, says he believes he accidentally drew the aliens to him after communicating with them using a small E.T figurine back in the 80s, and have since used his cat, Meg, to communicate with him.

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Michael also draws detailed images of his abductors, and has written a book detailing his experiences.

The dad, who has been banned by his wife from talking abaout aliens in his house, said: “ It will always be a mystery why they chose me. I believe that it has something to do with the fact that where I grew up was so isolated there would be no witnesses to the abduction, but they have never told me why.

“My earliest memory of an alien is when I was just a child, I can remember is feeling something stroke my head, I thought it was my mother but when I opened my eyes I was shocked and terrified it was a creature, a grey alien sat where my mother should have been!

“As a young lad I could not grasp what I had experienced, I originally thought the things that had come to me in my room and called me to the garden must have been wildlife that I had not seen before.

“But I eventually realised that I had been chosen and there was a very clear campaign by the visitors to get to me.”

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Michael believes the extra terrestrials may have been targeting his family for generations, as his mother used to tell him she had seen ghosts and bright lights, which he now believes were abductions.

He said: “In the early 80s I had a small action figure of E.T. When I was about 7 or 8, I placed that figure on my bedroom windowsill facing outward into my garden.

“I realised years later, after undergoing hypnotic regression, that I had deliberately put E.T there for my nocturnal visitors. I also found out that it had the desired effect and they had found the figure amusing.

“I know I have been beamed up into spaceships, but it is very difficult to remember what happens. I remember being dragged up to a spaceship by a light beam once.

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“On one occasion, I woke up in the early hours, completely paralysed. I could see the blue light under my bedroom door and shadows in the hall.

“The last thing that I remember was seeing three grey aliens and the lead grey thrust his hand up into my face.

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He added: “Another time, I half-woke in the middle of the night. I was only partially awake and somehow still dreaming, in the dream, I could see our cat, Megan.

“She was telling me that there was someone in the garden and that they wanted to speak to me. I vaguely remember climbing out of bed and walking downstairs to see what she was talking about.

‘I told Meg that there was no one there, but then she told me to look under the cherry tree at the bottom of the garden. I did as she told me and as I watched, two grey aliens materialised before my eyes.”


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