Fisherman finds ‘repulsive’ crab with ‘human teeth’ and it looks horrifying

A fisherman has stumbled upon a truly horrifying creature from the murky depths of the ocean – a crap that appears to have human teeth.

The toothy crustacean was discovered by Norweigan trawlerman Roman Fedortsov who has made a name for himself by posting the oddest catches he finds.

Leering into the camera, the crab, which we've named Gums, appears to be entirely nonplussed by the human attention and smiles a broad grin.

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It's not clear what species of crab Gums is or whether he is an aberration of nature.

Tagging his new find, Roman said: "Crabs…All the same, there is something attractive and repulsive in them. Mother nature tried."

Taking to the comments underneath Roman's post, many of his followers were full of praise for crusty ol' Gums.

One said: "Just a little dental work and the little fella will be just fine."

"Love those human teeth!", said another.

It's not the only monster that's been plucked from the sea in recent days.

A group of fishermen have brought home an incredible 16ft sea creature, leaving residents filled with conspiracy theories of a "bad omen".

The colossal-sized Oarfish was caught by fishermen off the coast of Chile and civilians living in the city of Arica flocked to the pier while they hoisted the silvery fish up from the sea.

Footage shared on TikTok shows the long, bony fish being hooked on the head as the workers transfer it to the land.

The fish, also known as 'King of the Herrings', measures more than five metres long (16ft).

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