Elon Musk shows off first renders of Boring Company's loop station

Elon Musk tweets first renders of Boring Company’s Las Vegas loop station where passengers will board high-speed Teslas that whisk them across the city’s convention center

  • The render shows a hub where passengers board driverless Teslas
  • Cars will zip passengers at 150 mph across the Las Vegas Convention Center 
  • Elon Musk says in a corresponding tweet that the station is ‘coming soon.’ 

Elon Musk released the first ever renders of the Boring Company’s Las Vegas loop station, where passengers will carted away by high-speed autonomous Teslas.

The render depicts a hub for future passengers of the Boring Company’s underground loop which aims to zip people from one end of the Las Vegas Convention Center to the other.

It shows what appears to be a fairly modern, bright design with a centered escalator leading down to a floor staggered with a Tesla’s driverless vehicles.

Above is the first render of the station where passengers will board Tesla’s driverless cars to travel across the Las Vegas Convention Center at high speeds

The image shows Tesla’s Model 3 electric vehicles which are one of the vehicles the company plans to use for carting passengers between locations. 

Above the tunnels is a display showing passengers when and where their vehicles will depart and, for color, a sprawling wall ad for Las Vegas tourism sporting the city’s ‘What happens in Vegas, only happens here’ slogan.

The cars will use onboard self-driving software to navigate the tunnels in addition to ‘tracking wheel’ which guide the vehicle along its specific lane. 

Musk has said that the vehicles will reach top speeds of 150 miles-per-hour, making the journey more of a sprint than your typical shuttle ride.

The renders are, of course, only tentative his point and could change drastically between now and when the station is actually built.

They do, however, show the progression of Musk’s Las Vegas loop, which he says in a corresponding tweet is ‘coming soon.’

In May, the company completed its excavation of one of two tunnels making up the convention center loop.

Musk (pictured) says that the hub is ‘coming soon’ and has made deals with other entities, including the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority which will use Tesla’s cars to shuttle passengers to and from Ontario International Airport  (stock)

In a statement to Electrek in May, the Las Vegas Convention Center Authority said: 

‘The boring machine today broke through the concrete wall near the 1.4 million square foot West Hall convention center expansion, which is currently 80% complete, signaling the completion of excavation for the two one-way tunnels known as the Convention Center Loop.’

MailOnline has reached out to the Boring Company to see if the slated completion date for the project of January 2021 is still on-time. 

Outside of Las Vegas, the Boring Company has also been making some progress.

According to a recent report from The Mercury News, San Bernardino County Transportation Authority will work with Tesla – and its sister drilling company Boring Company – to develop a 12-seat electric van for transporting passengers through a nearly 3-mile tunnel.

The vans will be used in a recently approved connector line between Rancho Cucamonga and the Ontario International Airport.

According to the plan, the vans would jet passengers 2.8 miles to the airport and back at speeds of 127 mph.

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