Eerie moment ‘ghost’ knocks over wine bottles in ‘haunted’ supermarket

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Chilling CCTV footage has convinced TikTok users that an ordinary-looking alcohol store is haunted.

The footage starts by showing a cashier waiting patiently for the next customer at a till inside a Liquorland store in Australia.

Beside her are several crates of wine neatly stacked up alongside each other.

But suddenly they tumble to the ground and smash onto the floor.

There appears to be no one near at the time the crash over – sparking claims among some viewers that a “ghost” was to blame.

“That was some a***hole of a ghost that did that,” one wrote.

Another commented: “This is just weird. How – is this a ghost?”

Slow-motion footage of the video appeared to give the real reason behind the bizarre scenes, though.

The column of bottles had been stacked on top of an empty box which eventually gave way under the weight.

TikTok user @jaxxxiii, who uploaded the video, later confirmed that was the real reason – blaming it on a new employee.

“Spot on,” she said,” replying to one of the viewers’ comments.

“New kid on the block didn't think things through.”

It comes after a “ghost” was filmed transforming from an orb outside someone’s home.

Meanwhile, a hospital patient was left terrified after capturing what she thought was a “ghost” on camera.

The photographer said: "When I came out of the lift and started walking up the hallway it just felt spooky and scary.

"The reason I took the picture was because I was going to put it in my family group chat and say, 'look how scary this looks and I'm here on my own at this time'.

"But then forgot all about taking the photo and I think I just happened to be looking at the photos on the Saturday and saw it."

And last week, a creepy “alien” figure with long limbs and pale skin was spotted walking along a bridge at the dead of night.

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