Eerie moment blood seeps through wall in Amityville-style house of horror

A video has gone viral online showing blood "seeping" through the walls and doors of an Amityville-style house of horror.

The bizarre incident took place at a home in Cambe at Parana state in Brazil and the footage has sparked a spooky debate on what could have caused the blood spill.

In the phone footage, bloodstains can be found on the wall, doors and the tiles on the floor.

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There have been rumours that a priest had been called to "exorcise" the bloodstained house as viewers likened it to something from the 1977 horror film, The Amityville Horror.

But the homeowner's daughter brushed off the rumours and came with a more 'normal' explanation.

She told Brazilian TV channel RIC that her father suffers vascular problems in his legs and it could cause blood to spurt around the house.

She said: "Blood does not flow in the house and we also don't know if it was from my father's leg. There's nothing supernatural here."

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The daughter said they will take her father to seek medical advice to establish the cause of the bleeding.

Luciano Bucharles, director of the Institute of Criminal Sciences of Londrina, said that no one from his team has been contacted to visit the house so far.

Intrigued viewers are now apparently left with three possible options – the owner's leg caused the blood in the video, the incident was staged, or there really is a supernatural force spreading evil in the home.

Meanwhile a young family claim they were forced to flee their Middlesborough home after they fell foul of a ghostly infestation which tormented them for months and left them with odd bruises.

Lauren Roth started renting a house in Acklam, in November, with her husband Stephen and their two kids, Arabella, 4, and Caleb, 6.

But soon they started noticing strange goings on in her house, from bruises on her legs "out of nowhere" to lights turning on and off randomly.


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