Earth’s orbit has ‘alien space debris’ trapped inside it, experts claim

Earth's orbit might have alien space debris trapped in it, new research has claimed.

The claim comes from a group of experts from Harvard University, led by physics professors Avi Loeb.

Speaking to Live Science, he said that there are investigations underway to confirm that some objects in our orbit are from alien star systems.

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He said: “Objects entering the solar system from the interstellar space outside of it can be trapped into bound orbits around the sun as a result of a close passage to Jupiter.

“Interstellar objects originate from outside the solar system and could potentially be technological in origin, similar to the five interstellar probes that humanity has launched, Voyager 1 and 2, Pioneer 10 and 11, and New Horizons.

“Using computer simulations, we find that a few captured objects [roughly] the size of a football field would be detectable by the Rubin Observatory that will survey the Southern sky every four days with a 3.2 billion pixel camera.”

Loeb didn't specify exactly what kind of objects are, and could be in our orbit, but a new research report from his team claims that there could be a “substantial number” of potentially detectable objects “hiding” among other Near Earth Objects.

NEO's are asteroids NASA sates are going to crash into our orbit on a regular basis.

It is hoped that the new research could give us knowledge about alien technology, and even new civilisations.

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Professor Loeb added: “If the objects are artificial in origin, they can tell us about extraterrestrial technological civilizations.”

According to NASA, the next NEO to slam into our orbit will come next month.

Given the catchy title of 2020 DB5, it has been placed on NASA's Near Earth Object list ahead of its June 15 impact.

Measuring a whopping 850 metres in diameter, the rock will also be travelling at around 9.51 km/s.

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