Drunk woman spooked by ‘UFO’ she films at festival only to discover it’s a lamp

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A woman was awestruck when she spotted a "UFO" hovering above her head after a night of heavy drinking – only to be told the truth by her pals.

In a video, Maddi Studer from Bellingham, Washington, shares the hilarious moment she thinks she has found an alien spacecraft while at a beer festival.

Maddi is filming her pal excitedly watching fireworks when she becomes distracted by a luminous flying saucer-shaped object above her.

She then focuses on it and yells: "Woah, what is that?"

The object is actually a street light, but in fairness to Maddi, the metal post is not visible in the darkness and it just looks like a glowing disc in the night sky.

Maddi uploaded the clip with the blunt caption: "And then I told everyone I knew that I saw a UFO."

She joked in the on-screen text: "Throwback to that one time I got so hammered at a beer festival that I mistook a street lamp for a UFO."

The video has been watched 4 million times since she uploaded it on her @daddi_bling TikTok page on Friday (January 7) and many people said the lamp was a very convincing flying saucer.

One said: "I'm sober and I thought it was a UFO."

"Ok, but it does look like it's just floating there," pointed out another viewer.

A third sympathiser told her: "No because I would have mistaken it for a UFO completely sober."

Meanwhile, other people confessed they had made similar mistakes with one commenting: "I've done this before. I looked out my car window, looked up and my heart sank for a solid 30 seconds."

"It's ok. One time I thought the full moon was so beautiful and huge but it was just a Burger King sign," quipped another.

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