Drunk bloke on flight pees on OAP who was then told to stay in ‘reeking’ seat

A drunk bloke urinated on a pensioner on a business class flight and the drenched 70-year-old was made to sit in the "reeking" seat afterwards.

The man escaped without consequences for his actions on the Air India flight from New York to Delhi, India, moments after the lights were dimmed following a meal.

The November 2022 incident is now being investigated after the woman wrote to the group chairman of Air India.

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The strange incident took place on November 26 and after urinating the man allegedly kept exposing himself before other passengers urged him to go back to his seat.

Sensationally, after giving a change of clothes to the woman in her 70s, she was asked to return to the soiled seat.

After the crew allegedly gave her a set of pyjamas and slippers, she was told there was no other seat available.

She said it was the "most traumatic flight I have ever experienced".

The woman claimed crew put her in a staff seat for an hour before she was asked to return to her booked seat, which had been covered in a sheet "but still reeking of urine," according to NDTV.

She naturally refused and was given another crew seat, where she spent the remaining five hours of the flight.

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"I subsequently learned from a fellow passenger that several seats were available in First Class and he suggested to the crew that I be moved into one of those rather than being forced to sit in a soiled seat," she said in a letter to chairman of Air India Natarajan Chandrasekaran.

"Clearly, the crew did not feel that taking care of a distressed passenger was a priority."

She said she was left to go through customs alone, despite being promised a wheelchair to speed up the process, "all in Air India pyjamas and socks".

The airline has reportedly sought to get the drunk bloke placed on a no fly list and have filed a police report.

Strangely, this is not the first time this has happened with Air India. A woman was urinated on by a drunk male passenger on the same flight route in August 2018.

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