Dog walker ‘creeped out’ by suspicious oval UFO ‘moving slowly’ across the sky

A bloke was "creeped out" by an oval UFO he spotted while walking his dog earlier this month.

The Reddit user @angrypirate_666 posted an image of the mysterious object asking for help identifying what he had seen above Alberta, Canada on December 8.

The image shows a small white streak in the clear blue sky – which he claims had been moving slowly across the sky.

He explained: "Spotted this in the sky in Alberta Canada on the 8th of December it just looked like an oval object moving very slowly across the sky I continued watching it as I walked my dog.

"This happened at 8 in the morning then it reappeared later on in the day at approximately 1300 this time it looked almost square and was moving away from me in the sky.

"The last picture I’m posting is from later on in the day the others are from the morning, I have no idea what it is any help would be much appreciated I can tell you one thing it creeped me out."

While very few UFO fanatics praised the post, saying it was 'definitely not a waste of time,' the user was also shut down by many sceptics who believed the shape was caused by a plane.

One user said: "It is a plane, my friend. It's just very high up and, like stars, seems not to be moving. Especially because of the angle of travel. I have been fooled by the same thing before."

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Another added: "Just looks like a short contrail. Different weather conditions produce different lengths and sizes of the contrail. The direction it’s flying relative to your position can affect how the contrail looks too."

A third commented: "You can see the actual size and shape of the sliver of the sun visible on the right of the pole as lens flare on the left of the pole.

"This is a good example of how the glare of a bright object can bear little resemblance to the actual size and shape of the object itself and applies to a lot of those FLIR images we've been seeing."

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