Dog owner sent chilling warning note from neighbour ‘channelling Liam Neeson’

The ultimate passive-aggressive warning has been sent by a neighbour who posted a chilling letter to a dog owner over the pooch barking.

The missive starts off with a gentle apology in case of mistaken identity before suddenly taking a dark turn, in what has been dubbed as someone channeling their “inner Liam Neeson”.

The opening line reads: “Firstly, I would like to offer my sincere apologies if this is not you,” giving the impression that the writer is a mild-mannered, reasonable person.

But then the letter immediately changes tack, saying: “Now, straight to the point. KEEP YOUR DOG INSIDE AT NIGHT.”

Complaining that the animal's owner is allowing their pet outside long after bedtime, it adds: “No one wants or needs to hear a dog barking at 10 or 11pm at night.

“People have jobs, you know? Work they need to attend to get paid money to pay bills and their mortgage.”

And then the letter – which was sent to a home in Perth, Western Australia – gets even more sinister, writes the Mail Online.

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“Sort out this problem or I will be taking the next step," it continues.

“And might I suggest you take this seriously as you don't know who I am or what position I am in, or what I'm capable of.”

The letter-writer then signs off by saying: “Don't make me become a problem for you,” before re-emphasising the complaint.

“In summary, I hope it's rather easy to get my point, KEEP. YOUR DOG. INSIDE. AT NIGHT. I AM SICK OF IT.”

The recipient of the note posted it on Facebook, where it received a mixed response.

It attracted comments from some users who found the letter amusing, while others expressed sympathy with the pet owner’s frustrated neighbour.

“That’s going to be awkward for the dog owner when they look at all the neighbours with paranoia,' one poster said.

Another comment suggested a novel way to make the barking seem like a thing of the past.

“Buy a chainsaw, and run it full tilt all day outside of the noise curfew hours. That might take the edge off the dog barking.”

But another contributor to the thread said: “As someone who has lived through the experience of neighbours who don't train their dogs, I can relate to the frustration in this note!”

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