Doctor who’s seen 5,000 nearly die says afterlife exists ‘without a doubt’

A doctor has claimed that he is certain there is an afterlife after studying more than 5,000 near-death experiences.

Doctor Jeffrey Long founded the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation in 1998 and claimed that “without a doubt” there is a heaven.

He now works as a radiation oncologist in Kentucky, US but became obsessed with near-death experiences (NDE) during his medical residency.

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He has since spent most of his career studying NDEs, collecting stories from those who experience it, and scientifically analysing the cases.

Dr Long defines it as “someone who is either comatose or clinically dead, without a heartbeat, having a lucid experience where they see, hear, feel emotions, and interact with other beings.”

In a new essay for Insider, he said: “In the face of overwhelming evidence, I’ve come to believe there’s certainly an afterlife”.

While each NDE is different, Long claims he has identified several patterns in the thousands of cases he has analysed.

For example, just under half of all reported experiencing an out-of-body experience.

Long explained that people claim “their consciousness separates from their physical body, usually hovering above,” allowing them to see and hear what happens around them.

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He noted the case of a woman who lost consciousness while riding a horse on a trail but claimed that her consciousness travelled with her horse back to the barn.

She was later “able to describe exactly what happened at the barn” even though her body wasn’t physically there.

While some reported being “transported to another realm” or passing through a tunnel with a bright light, as reported by the New York Post.

Others claimed they were met by deceased loved ones, and some said their life “flashed before their eyes”.

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While many of these sound like the clichés you may find in any Hollywood movie, Dr Long claims they have been reported in children too young to have witnessed those tropes.

However, he has yet to find any scientific explanation for these experiences.

“I haven’t found any scientific explanation for these experiences,” Long confessed, but noted the breadth of the reports.

“I’ve read brain research and considered every possible explanation for NDEs. The bottom line is that none of them hold water.”

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