Discover secret Facebook list of people who reject your friend request

Discover YOUR Facebook ‘reject’ list: How to access secret log of everyone who has refused your friend request

  • The list can be found through the friend requests portal on your homepage 
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While many believe that one friend in real life is worth a dozen online, there is still competition to have the biggest list of internet acquaintances.  

But whether your account is just for family, or your friends list numbers in the hundreds, the chances are that you’ve sent a request to someone who hasn’t accepted. 

And now, thanks to a secret page, you can see all the people have rejected your invitation to connect – from the moment your account was created.  

The so-called ‘reject’ list has sent a wave of panic through the social media giant’s users as it reveals every single person who has snubbed you and exactly how long they have been ignoring you.

There is now no escaping your embarrassing past – which can be revealed in just four simple steps.

The average number of Facebook friends is around 338 and there are an estimate 81million fake profiles on the platform 

After opening up your friend requests you will be able to see view sent requests in the top left corner

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To access this feature from a desktop, first you click on friends in the top left corner of the screen. 

It is usually displayed below your profile button, which shows your name and profile picture. 

Once you have opened the friends tab, you then need to click on friend requests, which can be found at the top left of the screen.

Small writing once you have clicked through shows you were to find the intimidating list of rejections.

If you click on ‘View sent requests’ Facebook will then pull up your dreaded list of sent requests. 

You can scroll through at your leisure and peruse the names of all the people who have turned you down or who never responded to your request.      

If you can stomach it, cancelling a request will allow you to send a new invitation to the same person and bring your name back to the top of their friend requests. 

But if they’ve rejected you once, the likelihood is that they won’t accept the request the second time either.  

If you are on a smartphone, the process to see is slightly different. 

Facebook allows people to send friend requests to people that they know by clicking ‘add friend’, as shown on the left side of the screen 

Here is the view sent requests link portal that will show all of the people who haven’t accepted your friend request

You may want to cover your eyes as you see the list of people who have snubbed your friend request

Go into your Facebook app and then into the menu at the bottom right of the screen. 

Click on Friends and then Requests in the top right corner. 

Once the page has opened, you’ll need to click on the three dots in the top right corner, next to the search icon. 

A tab will appear at the bottom of your screen and you will then need to tap on View Sent Requests.

Once you’ve opened it, the page will tell you how many requests you’ve had snubbed and how long ago you sent them. 

Thankfully, for both desktop and smartphone users you are able to delete these ignored requests which mean you no longer have to suffer seeing the brutal rejections. 

And you’ll never have to tell anyone how many there were. 

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