Dinner lady who ‘predicted Queen’s death’ believes she will replace Mystic Meg

A dinner lady who says she has "visions of the future" thinks she's next in line to replace famous astrologer Mystic Meg, after her recent passing.

Tracey Malone, who claims she predicted the Queen's death, thinks her forecasts put her as the forerunner to step in for Mystic Meg, who died in the early hours of March 9.

"When one falls, another will rise. It's my time," Tracey said in reaction to the death of the telly astrologer.

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She later added: "Sorry had to be this way Mystic Meg, their can be only one see you on the dark side of the astral. It time for Mystic Tracey." [sic]

After Buckingham Palace released a statement on Twitter about the Queen's failing health last year, Tracey commented: "I have visions that do NOT END WELL, praying for her. But I am never wrong."

A woman named Angela responded to Tracey asking: "What do you see?"

"It bad Ang love," she responded cryptically.

Lo and behold, the Queen died aged 96 just days later.

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It remains uncertain whether Tracey Malone is a genuine Brit dinner lady, or a clever spoof account, but what can't be doubted is that she has a loyal following on Twitter.

Every time she posts about her mystic musings, legions of fans reply to send well wishes to her.

"I believe her," one fan wrote alongside a love heart and screengrabs of her musings, that have since gone viral.

"thank u and i will believe in u even tho lots do not," she replied.

Tracey once threatened to use her powers to spoil I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, but opted against it, saying: "I will be good lol".

The Daily Star has reached out to Tracey for comment.


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