Daily horoscope for February 10: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Wednesday, February 10, kicks-off with planet Mercury entering the star sign Aquarius. YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott reveals this means the Messenger planet is in the sign associated with humanitarianism.

He said: “This usually makes it very easy to communicate and to make positive contributions.”

However, he cautions against being fooled by outwardly positive events as Retrograde season lasts until Saturday, February 20.

Mr Scott said: “So be careful as Mercury is in Retrograde. The thing you thought would be so popular just fizzles.

“Something you thought would be so rubbish … because you think it is a stupid idea – that may surprise you by making a really positive impact and help a lot of people.

“So with Mercury in Retrograde, you are not really a good judge of what will be a hit with the public, what’s going to be successful, what’s going to be popular.”

“And you are also not a judge of what is worthless and what is going to be a waste of time.

“So anything you are working on, particularly if it involves writing, teaching or expressing your self creatively – don’t judge it.

“Work on it and then actually present it to people for them to judge on your work.

“Don’t destroy an opportunity by rubbishing it… it would be a real waste and continue to exercise some control.

”And that, I feel, is really important all week, as you will have to nudge and remind yourself that not everything is currently as it seems.”

This is because the alignment of the stars may mean you do not always have the right perception of everything occurring in your life right now.

The Aquarius Moon forms a Conjunction with quite a few planets today.

Conjunctions occur in astrology when two different planets combine in the same sign.

In addition to Mercury, the Moon Conjuncts lucky planet Jupiter, then the personal planet affecting love beauty and creativity – Venus.

Then finally, the Moon Conjuncts another outer planet, Saturn, which is thought to affect rules, structure and work on which you can rely.

The astrologer points out all reliable planets are residing in Sagittarius on Wednesday.

Mr Scott said: “It is almost like love, all information, good luck, security resides in other people – and it does not.

“If you felt the need to compromise on Tuesday and if you are prone to pleasing people and to put yourself last and to make yourself happy, then watch out for this on Wednesday.

“This is because it does not get weaker – it gets stronger.

“It is this faulty belief that all your happiness relies on others – all of this is outside of you and you have to do certain things to get there.

“This is a completely faulty belief that is going to cause you a lot of problems, because your happiness resides here [in your heart].”

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