Crocodile branded ‘lucky’ as stunning scientist holds it still with bare hands

A crocodile has been described as "lucky" by fans of a glamorous scientist pictured holding it still with her bare hands.

Thanks to her incredible snaps with reptiles and sharks, Rosie Moore, 26, has built a massive Instagram following which she uses to educate others while challenging preconceptions of what scientists look like.

The geoscientist who has drawn comparisons to fictional action woman, Lara Croft, lives in Florida, US, where researching American crocodiles is a key part of her work.

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On Boxing Day, Rosie took to social media with a new snap of her kneeling on a boat, holding a crocodile's mouth shut and tail still.

The part-time model captioned the photo with information about the species and tips to anyone in Florida who may spot one.

She wrote: "The American crocodile is a Florida conservation success story. In 1975, crocodile numbers were extremely low (only a few hundred in the wild). Since then, the population has recovered to 2,000+ adult crocodiles today.

"As American crocodile populations rise in south Florida, so will human-Croc conflict. It’s important to note a few things to help us coexist with these crocodilians.

"Crocodiles often bask with their mouths open to thermoregulate, and that is not an aggressive behavior.

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"Their presence is not an immediate cause for concern, they are actually pretty shy."

"Lucky Croc," one follower commented.

A second said: "Brave lady."

Others praised Rosie for the information shared.

The geoscientist continued to issue firm advice on how to treat an American crocodile, explaining that she has a permit to capture and handle the reptile for research.

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Rosie added: "NEVER feed a crocodile. It causes them to lose their natural fear of humans.

"Always maintain a respectful distance when photographing or observing."

As seen on her latest post, the Missouri native previously told the Daily Star how she enjoys taking the time out to impart her expertise on those keen to learn, particularly inspired girls.

What she does not have time for, however, is gushing creeps flooding her inbox with perverted requests such as begging her to join OnlyFans.


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