Creepy ‘dungeon’ room in remote £824k three-bed mountain home freaks people out

A remote house, hidden in the mountains of Northern California, may already seem like the chilling setting of a horror movie — but there's one room in this house that has sent more chills down the spines of any potential buyers.

The $1million (£824,000) property has now been viewed by 22 million people on TikTok after a creeped-out viewer shared a video of the spooky room that's been scaring other buyers.

The three-bedroom, five-bathroom home looks pretty modern and palatial at first glance, with an enormous amount of storage, a huge pantry, cupboards galore and a separate full-sized library complete with floor-to-ceiling shelving.

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Viewers of the house tour also noticed a huge metal door that locks from the outside with a barricade across the lock and a “study” that looks more like a medical exam room.

This particular area of the house, known only as “the room” has really freaked people out.

The TikTok account for Zillow, a US estate agents website, said: "It’s in a pretty remote location in the mountains, really nothing for miles around and one of the strangest interiors I’ve ever seen."

But when the account known as Zillowtastrophes started to discuss "the room", they asked other users to share what they thought it was used for.

They added: “What were they collecting, what on earth is this for?"

Viewers wondered whether the property was previously owned by a crazy collector or whether it was used for something more sinister.

A user suspected it was used by a former cult or even a bunch of doomsday preppers gearing up to try and survive the end of the world.

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One user demanded: "Every time a house like this goes viral, I wish the movers would speak out. I know the owners didn’t clear out the house, LET'S HEAR FROM THE MOVERS!"

Another quipped: "That just makes me think a sneakerhead married a bookworm."

A third said: "Man what's in the room with the bar? Y'all worried about bookshelves and there's a DUNGEON in there."


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