Couple who broke into church on bizarre first date ‘wanted to play the piano’

A strange couple on a first date have been arrested after breaking into a church and stealing four bibles.

They claimed they performed the bizarre because they just wanted to play a piano.

Danielle Salvato, 19, and 20-year-old Sebastian Spencer were on their first date after meeting on a social media app.

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The were in the area around the Indian Lake Peninsula Church in Hendersonville, US, at the time.

And for some reason, at 12.50am, after a long date night, the couple had realised that they both love playing piano – and decided to try to find one.

The stumbled across the local church, and found that the door was open, so in they went.

But after they tickled the ivories, the pair randomly stole four bibles and two pairs of drumsticks.

Detective Stephan Fye, from Henderson Police said: “The young male and female ended up meeting on a social app and they were going on a date that night.

“Both subjects admitted to detectives that they were looking for a piano to play because they both play the piano, they knew churches had pianos so they were looking for an unlocked church to play the piano.”

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Salvato also took the church collection plate – although it was not confirmed if it had donations in or not.

CCTV of the incident shows the couple in conversation.

The conversation went as such:

Salvato: “I found a piano. I’m so shocked we found one at the first church.” Spencer: “I know right?”
Salvato: “And there were so many more churches I was ready to go to.” Spencer: “Oh my god.”

Police were called by the local pastor the next morning, and the women's orange Mustang car was spotted.

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Detective Fye explained: “They just admitted it was dumb, probably should not have done it.

“They knew it was a mistake inherently – they did not apologise.”

The pair were charged with misdemeanour theft and felony burglary, and will appear in court later this year.

The unlocked church door is being repaired.

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