Couple visit 900 pubs in 2022 after making epic New Year’s resolution

Many New Year’s Resolutions can be tricky – but for the couple who pledged to visit every boozer in their county, it’s proved a doddle.

Dale Harvey and Holly Booth vowed to visit every pub in Nottinghamshire as Big Ben bonged to ring in 2022 after two years of lockdowns and time away from the pub.

And after the 12-month boozy marathon, the pair managed to visit almost 900 pubs and sink just shy of 1000 pints.

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They even got engaged while in the pub.

Dale, 37, and Holly, 31, who live in Nottingham started their quest after reading a list of the county’s top five pubs online.

Dale, a delivery driver, said: “It all started from boredom I suppose, we wanted to go out and just didn’t fancy staying in the same four pubs we always go to, so we ventured out somewhere new and thought we’d make a habit of it.

“After reading a bit in the paper about the top five pubs, I thought there’s no way they’ve visited every single pub, so we decided we would do it ourselves.

“We’d had enough of not being able to go out, so we thought we’d make the most of it.

“I think Holly was originally hoping I’d get bored after a couple weeks, but she should’ve known how stubborn I am. We have a great time doing the crawl and she always keeps up.

“The record for pubs visited in one day was 16, it’s very hard to top that as we’ve done majority of the city centre and the travelling adds up.

The crawl has seen the pair cover over 10,000 square miles whilst spending almost £3,500 on pints.

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They’ve also gained a huge following online with 2.5K followers on their Facebook page many regulars have been waiting to see their pub get a review.

Dale added: “Loads of our friends have joined us on the journey and think it’s hilarious, we’ve had so many people online asking us about the pubs so we always have a routine to make sure we’ve reviewed the pub fair and square.

“The worst pub on the list by far was the Blue Bell in Sutton in Ashfield, it’s been shut down now but in no short words it looked like how I imagined a crack den would look like at 4am.

“My review wasn’t wrong I had loads of people messaging me from Sutton in Ashfield that I’d absolutely nailed it!”

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