Coronavirus: Face masks ‘not safe’ announces developer of ‘first COVID-19 resistant mask’

A defining image of the the coronavirus outbreak is the growing ubiquity of people wearing face masks. It is little surprise these face masks are in short supply — despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) specifically not recommending them for healthy people trying to protect against COVID-19.

However, this advice looks set to change following the release of the world’s first Coronavirus resistant mask.

This is the world’s first Coronavirus resistant mask

NanoTera Group Director Saba Yussouf

Saba Yussouf, Director of NanoTera Group revealed to how the patented and proved tech works.

She told how face masks could actually acerbate the problem of spreading the pathogen.

Ms Yussouf said: “You can have the best and most high-tech and expensive filter in your face mask, but pathogens still get through, which means you’re not completely safe.


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Another shocking discovery is when you breathe in a face mask for a few hours, you actually collect pathogens that stick onto the face mask.

“You can take that face mask off, put it in your handbag, touch your face and your child, and you’re actually spreading more disease.”

The coating is a Japanese patented molecular nano-technology is proven to destroy 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The active ingredient is Titanium Dioxide which no other disinfectant has incorporated in their solution.

Titanium Dioxide is approved by the FDA and EPA and universally proven to destroy any organic substances coming into contact with it and PurProtex have manipulated the Titanium Dioxide used on our mask to last for five years.

When used as a photocatalytic it breaks-down any organic substance on its surface, including Coronavirus and does not allow any virus to survive, preventing the community transmission on contact, as discussed in this published medical paper.

Ms Yussouf said: “We don’t know anyone else that has this spray and we don’t know anyone else has this coating.

“If you take a normal antibacterial gel and try and put it on a face mask, it won’t be effective.

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“This is the world’s first Coronavirus resistant mask.”

She explained how the PurProtex project’s aim was to create a viable alternative to the overpriced face mask filters currently on the market.

Ms Yussouf added: “These masks are extremely affordable compared to everything else on the market, because we want everyone to benefit and everyone to be safe.”

“There are masks selling for £150 at the moment that unfortunately still allow the corona pathogen to evade the filter, whereas ours actually work and retail at £3.50.”

How to protect yourself from the coronavirus pandemic:

The NanoTera Group director shared advice for maximising your chances of avoiding coronavirus.

He said: “The number one step is to wash your hands, under your fingernails and half the way up the arm.

“People tend to forget the wrist area which also carries a lot of pathogens.

“If you don’t have access to water, use your antibacterial spray, because this is where the most contact happens.

“Try not to touch your face, an area with many areas where the pathogens can enter.

“Instead of shaking hands, find another way to communicate for now and continue using antibacterial spray when you’re out without access to clean water.

“Finally, keep your house clean, so when you come in from outside, take your shoes off outside the door, because your shoes carry so much bacteria.” coronavirus uk face mask safety development world first covid 19 resistant mask.

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