Controversial singer who sparked fury with outrageous stage antics gets grilled

The controversial singer who received oral sex from a fan on stage has clashed with a former pop star on live TV about the lewd act.

From getting fans to whip their manhoods out and wave them around, to once having a fan perform oral sex on her while she was on stage, she is no stranger to creating headlines.

And MC Pipokinha, from Brazil, has recently seen her X-rated on-stage antics land her with a ban from performing in certain areas of her home country.

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And she was dragged onto a panel show in the country, where she clashed with former star Mulher Pera, who said she regrets some of her own historic sex-imbued transgressions.

Pera met MC Pipokinha on stage and revealed that she didn't know her. However, she indirectly criticised the singer's lewd songs.

“I have nothing against you or your personal life. You found yourself like this, wonderful. I just don't practice it. I don't put children in the middle, you know? […] I worked with sensuality and not with sexuality. I've never been on stage for oral sex," she said.

Jonathan Costa, who was also on the show, commented that parents need to be aware of what their children watch. “My son is not old enough for this. When he is 18 years old and wants to listen to Pipokinha, it is his right," he commented.

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“Today the internet has changed, your son will have access and will see her singing curse words," replied Pera.

Outspoken Pipokinha, whose real name is Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, of course, bit back.

"You are not obliged to agree, you just have to respect it. […] The more it hits, the more I grow. You are not a teacher to teach me. And you gave up your career, so you can't [speak]" she said.

During a meeting of the area's Legislative Assembly earlier this month, Deputy Tito Barrichello declared that he wanted her banned from performing after learning she was due to take to the stage in the area – and the man from Curitiba even went as far as to claim he would have her arrested.

He won a vote, and the singer was banned.

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