Constipated bloke had water bottle up his bum but was too scared to tell wife

An embarrassed bloke who was taken to A&E by his wife for constipation and severe pain received a simple diagnosis – he’d had a huge bottle of water stuck up his backside for three days.

The Iranian man was rushed to hospital suffering from anorexia, abdominal pain and not being able to do number-twos.

But the patient, 50, who had a history of depression, knew what the root cause was – he just hadn’t fessed up to his missus because he was embarrassed and frightened of her, according to a Clinical Case Report published on Wiley Online Library.

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The report states that the man didn’t appear unwell when the docs first checked him out in February, but an ultrasound quickly spotted the “foreign body” which had been stuck up his jacksie.

The bottle measured 193mm by 47mm and was “in a region 10mm from the anorectal junction without any obvious perforation”. The base of the bottle was near the bloke’s colon and the top of it was near his anus.

He was taken through for surgery, where “the bottle was carefully and slowly dragged from the rectum to the opening of the anus, and it was successfully extracted by the surgeon without rupture or bleeding”.

The report, which was published on the health site with the consent of the man, states: “Because of his embarrassment and fear of his wife, he did not provide any history of the presence of a foreign body in the rectum and arrived at the emergency department late.”

The patient, who has been referred to a psychiatrist, was kept in hospital for five days, and follow-up checks showed no evidence of bleeding, injury.

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When he was discharged, he was described as being “in good general condition and without incontinency”, and a follow-up examination a month later found no further issues.

The report adds that most foreign bodies inserted up people’s backsides are there for sexual gratification, meaning they are usually smooth, which makes removal easier.


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