Conspiracy theory claims book from 1800s ‘proves Donald Trump time travels’

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    A woman has taken to TikTok claiming a book from the 1890s could be proof that Donald Trump and his son Barron are time travellers.

    Lindsay Ivan, who posts on the app as @lindsayivan, claimed that Ingersoll Lockwood's book Barron Trump's Marvelous Underground Adventures has 'too many coincidences' with the family of the former US president.

    In the video, which gained more than 3,000 likes, Lindsay explained: "Donald Trump and his son are time travellers, and I'm about to show you why. First starters, let's take a look at this book from the 1890s.

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    "It's called Barron Trump's Marvelous Underground Adventures. The book is about a young boy named Barron Trump, who finds a portal and time travels.

    "Donald Trump's son is named Barron Trump. Not only that, in the book, Barron is guided by a man named Don – Donald Trump.

    "But wait, there's more in another book by the same author. It's about an unlikely presidential candidate that won the election.

    "Not only that, but the book talks about the Fifth Avenue Hotel. The address in the book is the same address where the Trump towers currently stand.

    "Like what are the odds? This is too weird. In the book, there's also a character named Laugh Pence, aka. Similar to Mike Pence.

    "What's going on? There's way too many eerie coincidences here."

    Some conspiracy theorists believed the theory as they took to the comments drawing in other passages of the book.

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    One user said: "She’s correct do the research."

    Another added: "I’ve been saying this for years. It is a lot of similarities."

    A third commented: "Too many coincidences indicate no coincidences at all."

    However, one user suggested it was an elaborate prank from 45th President of the United States, writing: "Trump likely read the book and just decided to troll everyone."

    But other users denied the theories altogether as one user said: "Can’t believe everything you read."

    Another added: "It amazes me what some people are willing to believe on social media."


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