Conspiracy theorists ‘prove time travel’ as Elvis fan ‘holds phone’ at concert

Elvis Presley is yet again at the centre of a conspiracy theory – but this time it involves time travel rather than claims he's still alive.

Eagle-eyed viewers of the rock 'n' roll icon's gig back on June 26, 1977, think they can see a gushing fan hold a mobile phone up to record him in action.

A dark object the same size as a touch screen phone now in use 35 years later, has sparked ideas that the woman holding it was a time traveller.

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A handful of Reddit users have speculated what the mysterious dark item was and how it would have worked.

One person commented: “Definitely looks a lot like one of today's phone cameras.”

"Because of no cell tower built in 1977, the phone would have only served to take pictures and video," another said.

If she really did take an iPhone back to the 70s then we'd love to see her snaps and footage of the show with technology that would have blown away those dancing around her.

Or perhaps not according to a social media user who wrote: “And the reason why people weren't freaked out is because cameras had already came out so I'm sure people thought it was just new tech that hadn't released yet, we see it all the time even in our time now.

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“Plus I mean they are at an Elvis concert so they are paying attention to the king more than likely and aren't worrying about someone having something better than them IE new tech they can't buy yet whether from no money or from pre release (probably what they thought).

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"Very interesting if nonetheless for the people that still doesn't believe it.”

Another person checking out the photo disagreed and suspects anyone who saw a small contraption filming Elvis on stage would have been "freaking out", asking "what the hell is that!?!’

It has also been suggested that rather than a futuristic mobile device being captured in the crowd, it was probably just a cigarette case or a carton of juice.


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