Chilling Bonfire Night sex worker murder still remains unsolved 20 years later

A Yorkshire sex worker was killed in a brutal attack 21 years today – but her killer remains at large.

Michaela Hague, 25, was knifed to death on Bonfire Night 2001 while the rest of her hometown of Sheffield were celebrating the annual festival with firework displays and bonfires, suffering 19 stab wounds to her back and neck.

The ensuing investigation became one of the largest in South Yorkshire Police's history, with thousands of interviews conducted in a bid to find Michaela's killer – but despite their best efforts, nobody has ever been charged for the murder and the culprit still remains at large.

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Michaela was picked up and driven to a secluded car park in the city, opposite a pub known then as The Manchester, but which has since been renamed The Harlequin.

What happened next is unclear, but Michaela was quickly discovered alive in a pool of blood by another sex worker who alerted the police.

An old-style blue Ford Sierra was seen driving away from the spot where Michaela was found.

Michaela was rushed to hospital, where she died three hours later – but not before a police officer spoke to her and managed to garner crucial information about her attacker.

The mum-of-one described the assailant as white, about 6ft tall and clean-shaven, and said he wore a wedding ring, inspiring hope that officers would be able to track him down.

Michaela added that the killer was around 38 years old and was wearing a blue fleece and glasses at the time of the attack.

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An E-fit was produced by police and even broadcast on BBC's Crimewatch in a bid to catch the killer if he had fled from Sheffield.

Cops also launched a search spanning the entire country to find the car used by the killer.

However, he was never tracked down.

Michaela was a mum to a five-year-old son when she was killed.

She had been working as a prostitute to fund a heroin addiction, having joined the profession just six months before she was killed according to an inquest into her death.

Michaela's death is one of two unsolved murders involving sex workers in Sheffield.

Seven years earlier, 19-year-old Dawn Shields was also killed while working on the streets, and her body was found by a National Park Ranger in a shallow grave after she was picked up in a car from the city's red light district.

She had head injuries and had been strangled, according to reports after her death.

There is nothing to suggest that the two women were killed by the same man, although a link between the murders has been investigated in the past.

South Yorkshire Police are still urging anyone with information about either of the murders to call 101.


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