Canadian river turns blood-red in creepy footage straight out of a horror film

Eerie footage showing a creek flowing with blood-red water has creeped out the internet.

The video taken of the Etobicoke Creek in Ontario, Canada, appears to be more like a scene from a horror film than real life.

It shows the water in the creek completely red as far as the eye can see.

With coronavirus and locust plagues causing chaos across the world, the creepy video was enough to convince some viewers the end was nigh.

More than 62,000 people saw the footage after it was posted by @adamcarson0205 to Twitter yesterday evening.

One tweeted a picture of Jesus Christ, saying: “You best start believing in biblical prophecies. You’re in one.”

Another added: “Locusts, blood-red rivers, frogs, gnats, plagues, earthquakes, etc. Prepare. Nothing can stop what is coming.”

A third commented: “Very appropriate for this time of year. Passover celebrates the Exodus from Egypt.

“One of the plagues must have looked like this. It sure looks like blood.”

But, thankfully, the sight has a rather more understandable explanation.

Peel Public Works said in a tweet yesterday: “Approximately 400L of red ink was spilt into the Etobicoke Creek.

“The Ministry of the Environment and Conservation and Parks are on site and clean up is underway.”

It is not the first time rivers across the world have been seen turning red to convince viewers something biblical was about to happen.

Back in 2018, a Russian river turned red right before a rare super blood moon eclipse.

And in the same year, a lake mysteriously turned blood-red.

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