Britain’s ‘most haunted’ places from council house with ‘monk’ to ‘evil’ asylum

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You are living in the most haunted nation on the planet!

It’s reckoned we have more ghosts per square mile than any other country, with one estimate putting the number of ghouls lurking across Britain at a terrifying 50,000.

Top ghost hunter Peter Underwood declared: “There are more ghosts seen, reported, and accepted in the British Isles than anywhere else on earth.”

Here Daily Star picks some of the most horrifying hotspots with spine-chilling tales…


Where: Blue Bell Hill, Kent

While Pluckley is reckoned to be Britain’s most haunted village, boasting 12 spectres, the ghost of nearby Blue Bell Hill is the creepiest of all – and based on a real-life tragedy.

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On November 19, 1965 Suzanne Browne, 24, died in a car crash at the lonely spot on the A229 – the day before she was due to get married.

There have since been multiple reports of a woman who appears to step out in front of drivers, sometimes in a white dress, only to disappear.

Drivers say they have picked up a female hitchhiker who vanishes. And in 2019, a snap taken there even appears to show a spirit hovering in the road.

Local Sonya Roseman says: “The whole place has a bad karma about it.”


Where: Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool

John Gray, an ex-employee at the former psychiatric hospital, reported seeing a man in a white coat with no head walking through a wall in the basement.

He has branded the Victorian building as “pure evil”.

Now abandoned since closing to patients in the 1990s, visitors have described hearing terrifying screams, banging and objects moving on their own.

In 2017 ghost hunter Phillip Barron took a photo of a group on a tour – only to find the shadowy figure of a girl standing in the middle who no-one could identify.


Where: Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh

In 1999 a homeless man stumbled inside the mausoleum of 17th century judge George Mackenzie, known for executing hundreds.

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Suddenly the coffin inside caved in, exposing the 400-year-old corpse. The man fled in terror.

There have since been 350 documented attacks on visitors including people collapsing, as well as suffering bruises, scratches and even broken fingers.

The vengeful spirit of “Bluidy Mackenzie” has been blamed.


Where: Shepton Mallet Prison, Somerset

Ghost stories about one of Britain’s oldest jails abound.

Some terrified staff used to refuse to work in C-wing where a ‘White Lady’ was seen, thought to be the ghost of a woman who murdered her lover and was executed on the site.

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Many former inmates are buried there and despite closing in 2013, visitors report hearing unexplained footsteps and cell doors slamming shut.

One uniformed ghost has been observed walking through walls and two pals recently took a snap of a disembodied hand hovering above them – believing it belongs to former prisoner, gangster Ronnie Kray.


Where: Clifton Hall, Notts

Former security guards and police have reported seeing ghost children and chairs moving on their own at the 18th century mansion.

And when Anwar Rashid and his family moved into the luxury home in 2007 they soon felt as if they were in a real life version of horror film The Others starring Nicole Kidman.

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They began to hear blood-curdling screams and a voice saying: “Is anyone there?”

A maid reported seeing a ghostly figure sitting on a bed, while Anwar’s wife saw a child resembling their daughter watching TV downstairs at 5am…despite the fact she was in bed upstairs.

The family lasted just eight months before moving out. The last straw was finding unexplained spots of blood on their baby’s bedding. Anwar said: “We didn’t even stay the night.”


Where: Pendle Hill, Lancs

Back in the 17th century, 12 people from the area were accused of committing murders using witchcraft. Many were hanged.

In 2004 Yvette Fielding and the team from TV’s Most Haunted investigated the site of a farmhouse supposedly haunted by one of them, Alice Nutter.

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A table suddenly collapsed in front of them and members of the crew felt hands around their throats.

Many other people have seen ghosts around Pendle which they believe to be the dead spirits of the women accused.

In 2015 Christine Hamlett, 58, took a photo of a female figure apparently staring out from a grave in a local churchyard.


Where: 30 East Drive, Pontefract, West Yorks

The former council house is reckoned to be inhabited by the terrifying poltergeist dubbed “The Black Monk”.

When Jean and Joe Pritchard moved into the property in 1966 with son Phillip, 15, and daughter Diane, 12, strange things started happening.

Green foam began bubbling out of the taps, lights flickered, cupboards shook violently. As time went on, family photos were slashed and furniture was thrown across rooms.

Diane was even dragged up the stairs by an invisible force that left her with marks around her throat and the family regularly saw a black cloaked figure hovering.

Police officers, an MP and a vicar all witnessed things they couldn’t explain, while paranormal investigators linked the haunting to a murderous 16th century monk, killed nearby.

The family eventually moved out. But in 2016 a ghost hunter photographed a strange black form inside.

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